Help4LiPs on the Legal Walk

Help4LiPs (CIC No7888358) was conceived by a couple of Litigants in Person over lunch and then ratified as a concept in an informal meeting at the Royal Court of Justice with Directors of the Citizen Advice Bureau, Personal Support Unit and High Court. Since that time, with continuous loans from the co-founders Brad Meyer and Jeff Lampert, Help4LiPs has been attracting, capturing, simplifying and re-presenting (via the web) some of the expert knowledge of legal professionals. Our goal: help Litigants in Person find timely, critical information on legal process in just 3 clicks of their mouse.

This year Help4LiPs has been invited to take part in the Legal walk again. The London Legal Support Trust have supported Help4LiPs since its conception. Since the last walk Help4LiPs – with the help of the legal profession – has completed sections of its matrix.

It has also informed Litigants in Person where they may access information to help them with their litigation. These include Mediation, Direct Access Barristers, drafting legal documents, etc.

Help4LiPs has also provided volunteers for our local Law Centre. Help4LiPs has received compliments on its aims from many Litigants in Person and many members of the legal profession.
By using H4L many Litigants in Person can enhance their access to justice.

Help4LiPs has little or no funding and urgently needs your support to continue.




During 2014 Help4LiPs will continue to fill in its matrix with information and continue to connect Litigants in Person with relevant service providers.If you support Help4LiPs‘ aims please make a comment on our donation page.


Thank you.


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