58. Use Technology for Litigants in Person

57. Feeling confused by the Law?

56. Help4LiPs - Help for Litigants in Person

55. Litigation in the EU

54. Help4LiPs Builds Bridges

53. Building Bridges

52. Litigants in Person help Litigants in Person with #DIYLAW

51. Arbitration - An option for all?

50. Help4LiPs working with Brent Community Law Centre

49. Personal Debt Information

48. Family Law Mediation – what you need to know

47. Perceptions and Expectations of Litigants in Person

46. Litigants in Person

45. The myth of common law marriage – Equity’s role in providing redress

44. Resolving Disputes: The Wonders of Mediation

43. Preparing Your Bundle Online

42. How a Judge sees the Litigant in Person issue

41. Civil Justice Council forum on Litigants in Person

40. Litigants in Person`s view on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours

39. Success Story of a Help4LiPs Volunteer

38. Information to support your case

37. Litigants in Person Questionnaire

36. Useful Information for Litigants in Person

35. Cost capping provisions of Arbitration Act 1996

34. “All cards on the table” – the litigant’s duty of disclosure and inspection

33. Consumer Services Work Program 2014-2015

32. Accessing information from a public body

31. Fee-Charging McKenzie Friends

30. Benefit from Being a Help4LiPs Volunteer

29. Have You Been Affected by Legal Aid Cuts?

28. Getting a Direct Access Barrister

27. A Simple Guide to H4L Website

26. About Mediation

25. Court Process Basics

24. Personal Debt Information

23. Help for Litigants in Person

22. Help4LiPs in the Local Community

21. Help4LiPs on the Legal Walk

20. Litigants Right to Fear High Legal Costs

19. Preparing for Divorce

18. About Equity

17. Negotiate, Litigate or Mediate?

16. Landlord and Tenant: Bedroom Tax

15. The Death of the Contingency Fee Agreements and the Birth of the Damaged Based Agreement

14. Are You a Victim of Cyber-Bullying?

13. Don't Play Games in the Courts

12. Avoiding Litigation

11. Paying LiP Service to April Fools

10. Changes in Compliance with the Court's Timetable

9. The English Legal System, Post April 1

8. Wills, Probate, Estates and Dispute Resolution

7. About Misrepresentation

6. Observations of an Old LiP

5. Not Complying with Court Orders Could Be Fatal to Your Claim

4. 24 Hours in the Life of a McKenzie Friend

3. Fraud: A Criminal Claim Brought by the CPS or by Private Prosecution?

2. About Direct Access Barristers

1. Cases and Facts Every Litigant in Person Should Be Aware of


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